Taxonomy Online - Carboniferous spores part I - Species details

Species name
Kraeuselisporites hibernicus Higgs, 1975

Radial, trilete, camerate miospores. Amb subcircular to rounded triangular with convex sides and rounded or slightly pointed apices. Trilete mark distinct or obscure; sutures straight or sinuous, extending to margin of spore body, accompanied by elevated flexuous folds of the exoexine which extend, decreasing in height, to the equatorial margin of the spore. Intexine thin, forming subcircular to rounded triangular inner body. Exoexine slightly thicker over distal surface and extended in the equatorial plane to form slightly fibrous zona 8–18 µm in width. Distal and more equatorial portions of proximal surface of exoexine ornamented with sparse to closely spaced spini, coni and grana. Elements either discrete or fused at their bases to form short irregular cristae or rugulae. Spinae 1–5 µm high and 0.5–2 µm in basal diameter, coni 1–3 µm in height and grana up to 1 µm high. Exoexine of proximal surface thin and crumpled and in many cases folded along the line of the margin of the intexine.

Other descriptions
Higgs, 1975, p. 400, pl. 6, figs. 11–12. Higgs, Clayton and Keegan, 1988, p. 79, p1. 16, fig. 3

Overall equatorial diameter 64(85)116 µm. Diameter of the inner body 40(53) 70 µm

Mississippian; Tournaisian; HD to CM biozones (Higgs et al., 1988)


MPK 7443 MPK 7443 Figure 29a
Pinskey Gill Beds, Wygarth Gill Borehole, Ravenstonedale, Cumbria, England; Tournaisian, CM Biozone, Sample MPA 302, Specimen MPK 7443. Rounded triangular miospore with subcircular inner body subrounded in equatorial plane by weakly biozonate flange. Exoexine extended equatorially to form wide zona that occupies up to half spore radius. A narrow zone of thickening is developed adjacent to the inner body, which it appears to overlap. Remainder of flange thin and extensively plicated. Distal surface and more equatorial portion of proxima1 surface of exoexine bears ornament of small discrete coni. Specimen maximum dimension 109 µm.

MPK 7444 MPK 7444 Figure 29b
Pinskey Gill Beds, Wygarth Gill Borehole, Ravenstonedale, Cumbria, England; Tournaisian, CM Biozone, Sample MPA 292, Specimen MPK 7444. Distal focus showing clearly defined narrow thickened zone of distal exoexine where it overlaps inner body. Conate ornament appears coarser and more densely distributed in the distal polar region than over remainder of spore. Specimen maximum dimension 94 µm.