Taxonomy Online - Carboniferous spores part I

Reinschospora speciosa (Loose) Schopf, Wilson & Bentall, 1944

The 'Bernard Owens Collection' of single grain mount palynological slides:
Compiled by Mike Stephenson and Bernard Owens

These pages contain information on the first 68 taxa of the Bernard Owens single mount palynology collection. The complete collection of 145 taxa will be released later. Because, websites do not have publication status, a formal publication has been produced in .pdf format in the British Geological Survey Research Report Series (RR/06/05) and is available as a free download. This report has been assigned an ISBN number and deposited with the copyright libraries. It has been reviewed by two referees internal to the BGS and two further independent and experienced palaeontologists. It is to the research report that bibliographical reference should be made in formal taxonomic research.

Thumbnail of PDF report

A 'professional' version with a number of further images of all species and detailed data concerning age, distribution, etc. is available on CD ROM and hard copy, primarily for the commercial sector, and can be purchased through the BGS. Please contact Dr Mike Stephenson at BGS