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The collection

Slides stored in drawer

The 'Bernard Owens Collection' of single grain mount palynological slides:
Compiled by Mike Stephenson and Bernard Owens

The collection of single grain mount slides which is partly illustrated here, is possibly the most important collection of single grain Late Palaeozoic palynomorphs in the world with over 145 taxa represented by many specimens (up to 25 specimens per taxon), showing a wide range of preservation and natural variation. The specimens were collected from localities worldwide but are most closely associated with the UK and north-west Europe. Many of the taxa illustrated and described are integral to the biozonation of the Carboniferous of north-west Europe published by Clayton et al. (1977) and to earlier regional biozonations of smaller stratigraphical intervals within the UK (Smith and Butterworth, 1967; Neves et al., 1972, 1973; Owens and Burgess, 1965; Owens et al., 1977).

Each single grain mount slide is associated with a unique BGS collections number prefixed with MPK. All slides are held in the BGS Palaeontology Collections at Keyworth, Nottingham. For information on the collection and on slide loans please contact Dr Mike Howe, Chief Curator, BGS, Keyworth phone 0115 936 3105.