Virtual Centre of Economic Micropalaeontology & Palynology (VCEMP)

VCEMP initiates and coordinates the collaborative efforts of micropalaeontologists and palynologists around the world, and, as part of Geoscience Australia's Timescales Programme aims to maintain and develop the Australian national geological time scale with particular emphasis on those parts of the stratigraphic column where economic resources are important.

Present activities

  • establishment of a VCEMP/Geoscience Australia Postdoctoral Research Programme
  • revision of Campanian biozonation schemes used by industry on the Australian North West Shelf
  • global reference studies — linking Australian biostratigraphy to world standard geological stages
  • pilot study on Upper Permian conodonts from the Canning Basin
  • studies of a proposed global reference section for the continental Permian/Triassic and application to Australian studies
  • Sr/Sr dating of Jurassic and Cretaceous shelly fauna from the Australian North West Shelf
  • Mesozoic palynology of the Bight Basin.