Marine Geology

The BGS Marine Data collections provide the underlying data for the following projects, collaborations and end products.


The Marine Environmental Mapping Programme (MAREMAP) aims to achieve common, national objectives in seafloor and shallow geological mapping. This is a joint initiative led by BGS, the National Oceanography Centre and the Scottish Association for Marine Science.

BGS Digital MapDigital products

A range of licensable digital products, including BGS Geology: marine sediments 250k (Offshore Sea Bed Sediment Maps), BGS Geology: marine bedrock 250k (Offshore Bedrock geology of the UK) all at 1:250 000, and magnetic and gravity compilations.

BGS Marine Survey Team in action BGS Marine Geoscience

The BGS marine geoscience team, made up of geoscientists, operation experts and skilled engineers, has been undertaking an intergrated program of research since 1966. Today their work takes them from the lochs and shores of the UK to the depths of the Arctic ocean.


BGS are part of the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) project, working with partner geological surveys (Euro-Geosurveys) and others to improve access to maritime information, in particular geological data. The geology component of EMODNET is provided by OneGeology.

OneGeology logo OneGeology

OneGeology is an international initiative of the geological surveys of the world to 'Make web-accessible the best available geological map data worldwide at a scale of about 1: 1 million'. The results can be seen on the OneGeology Portal.