Virtual borehole and section viewer

Groundhog 3D model viewer

Virtual borehole

The virtual borehole and section viewer allows the user to drill virtual boreholes and slice through a geological model both vertically and horizontally using interactive tools on the fly.

This tool offers a glimpse into how geological models will be increasingly made accessible via the Web.

To demonstrate the type of information available, we have released free models for seven areas of the UK that reflect a range of geological settings.

Sample models available


The data obtained from the viewer is based on a prediction and interpretation of the subsurface data. It should not be used as a replacement for a site investigation.

The depth of the lower geological unit in the model may be truncated at its base, such that the unit thickness is not accurately represented. The extent at which the geological succession is subdivided may vary between models.

Lithological information is generalised for each geological unit, and local conditions may vary.

BGS Groundhog

BGS Groundhog is the BGS’ 3D geological model delivery webpage. It contains a professional version of the virtual borehole and section viewer and provides information about licensing geological surfaces. Please see to explore our 3D geological models. For more comprehensive information about the geology, please use the BGS GeoReports service (


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