UK School Seismology Project

Support for school seismologists

Funding for the Schools Seismology Project came to an end in late 2019 and consequently we are unable to provide technical support for schools.

If you have a general query about earthquake seismology, please contact

If you have a query about setting up a school seismometer you could contact DentonSeismo.
DentonSeismo is a commercial enterprise, not affiliated with BGS, who can provide advice on purchasing seismic equipment, set-up, installation and network connections.

Real science with real data

The school seismology project enables schools to detect signals from large earthquakes happening anywhere in the world.

The sheer destructive power of earthquakes has always held a fascination for children.

This project capitalises on this natural interest by making use of earthquakes and seismology as a unifying theme to teach a range of basic science concepts.

Station lists and maps Station lists and maps

From the 200 or so seismometers in the British Isles, you can also view school seismometer stations around the world.

Significant earthquakes Significant earthquakes

Showing significant earthquakes from around the world that make the news or M7 and above; M3 earthquakes and above in and around the British Isles.

Earthquake locator Earthquake locator

Locate an earthquake using your own seismometer along with other stations on the network.

Add your station Add your station

Add your school's seismometer to the station list and become part of our growing network of schools sharing their data.

All earthquakes All earthquakes

This map shows earthquakes data derived from stations operated by schools around the UK.

All earthquakes Funding opportunities

Do you need some funding to buy a seismometer? There are a number of schemes that will help you get started.

Latest earthquake


Purple star Earthquake in Mindanao, Philippines

Orange star Stations that have recorded data for this quake

Date 31/07/20
Time (UTC) 06:06.43
Location Mindanao, Philippines
Magnitude 5.6
Latitude 8.55
Longitude 126.63
Depth (km) 46.19

Data collaboration

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