PanGeo Images

The objective of PanGeo is to enable free and open access to geohazard information in support of the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security initiative of the European Union (GMES). This is being achieved by the production of a Ground Stability Layer supported by a GeoHazard Description for 52 of the largest towns listed in the GMES Land Theme's Urban Atlas, and involves all 27 countries of the EU.

BGS is leading the technical aspects of the EC-FP7 funded project PanGeo [2011–2014], which is enabling free and open access to geohazard information in support of GMES, through the generation of validated geohazard mapping products for 52 of the largest European towns (as listed in the GMES Land Theme's Urban Atlas) from all 27 EU member countries. 

Through its lead of the Service Design and Validation Panel the EPOM team have played a major role in all technical aspects of the project including the specification and design of the products, creation of a detailed production methodology (see D3.3-Product-Specification pdf and D3.5-PanGeo-Production-Manual 7.33 MB pdf) and the designing and integration of PanGeo products and PSI data with the European Urban Atlas.

BGS are also leading all 27 EU Geological Surveys in the creation of the 52 products, and are responsible for checking each product to ensure consistency before they are made available via the project portal, which is based on the OneGeology Europe infrastructure. BGS has also undertaken value adding to make products for two towns in the UK, in particular for Greater London and Stoke-on-Trent (see PanGeo coverage map). These products depict areas of observed and potential ground instability in the form of attributed GSL shapefiles and accompanying GHD reports, and can be freely accessed and used via the project portal by the general public, local authority planners and regulators, geological surveys, geosciences institutes and policy-makers involved in the assessment, mapping and management of geological risks.


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