Quaternary domains

Quaternary domains

BGS recognises 11 different Quaternary domains forming glaciated and non-glaciated provinces of Great Britain. These domains are represented by consistent geomorphological features (landforms), with typical assemblages of superficial deposits. They are partly defined by the genetic processes that formed both the deposits and landforms.

A description of each domain and relevant Quaternary province is found in the following links, including a map showing the extent of the domain. For some domains, schematic cross sections are provided to give an overview of the nature of the typical landforms. Further links to statistics about the origin and distribution of the deposits are also given. Additionally, each domain provides information about the areal coverage of peat that is present, its origin and relative abundance of the mire types.

Glaciated province: uplands and lowlands

Find out more about the glaciated province: uplands and lowlands.

Glaciated province: uplands

Glaciated province: lowlands

Non-glaciated province

Find out more about the non-glaciated province.


The above domain information is sourced from Quaternary Mapping Methodologies.  (In press).  BGS Internal Report.


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