Arnaud Watlet

Dr Arnaud Watlet

Research geophysicist
BGS Keyworth
  • 2018 – ongoing : Research Geophysicst, British Geological Survey
  • 2017 –2018 : PostDoc, Royal Observatory of Belgium, emvironmental seismology and gravimetry
  • 2013 –2017 : PhD, University of Mons (Belgium), karst hydrogeophysics
  • 2009 –2011 : MSc, Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium), Geology
  • 2005 –2008 : BSc, Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium), Geology

Key papers

Watlet, A, Kaufmann, O, Triantafyllou, A, Poulain, A., Chambers, J E, Meldrum, P I, Wilkinson, P B, Hallet, V, Quinif, Y, Van Ruymbeke, M and Van Camp, M. 2018. Imaging groundwater infiltration dynamics in the karst vadose zone with long-term ERT monitoring. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 22(2), pp.1563-1592.

Van Camp, M, de Viron, O, Watlet, A, Meurers, B, Francis, O and Caudron, C. 2017. Geophysics from terrestrial time‐variable gravity measurements. Reviews of Geophysics, 55(4), pp.938-992.

Triantafyllou, A, Watlet, A, Le Mouélic, S, Camelbeeck, T, Civet, F, Kaufmann, O, Quinif, Y and Vandycke, A. 2019. 3-D digital outcrop model for analysis of brittle deformation and lithological mapping (Lorette cave, Belgium). Journal of Structural Geology, 120, pp.55-66.

Poulain, A, Watlet, A, Kaufmann, O, Van Camp, M, Jourde, H, Mazzilli, N, Rochez, G, Deleu, R, Quinif, Y and Hallet, V. 2018. Assessment of groundwater recharge processes through karst vadose zone by cave percolation monitoring. Hydrological Processes, 32(13), pp.2069-2083.

Triantafyllou, A, Watlet, A and Bastin, C. 2017. Geolokit: An interactive tool for visualising and exploring geoscientific data in Google Earth. International journal of applied earth observation and geoinformation, 62, pp.39-46.

Caudron, C, Lecocq, T, Syahbana, D K, McCausland, W, Watlet, A, Camelbeeck, T and Bernard, A, 2015. Stress and mass changes at a “wet” volcano: Example during the 2011–2012 volcanic unrest at Kawah Ijen volcano (Indonesia). Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 120(7), pp.5117-5134.

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