Apostolos Tsiligiannis

Electrical engineer
BGS Edinburgh

Apostolos Tsiligiannis’s Biography

  • 2009 – MSc in Advanced Materials Engineering
  • 2005 – BSc (Hons) in Electrical &Electronic Engineering (Sustainable Energy Systems


  • 2018 –2018 : Project:Expedition STEMM-CCS Sub-seabed carbon dioxide storage Vessel:RV Maria S. Merian carrying the BGS Rockdrill2 Location:North Sea
  • 2016 –2016 : Project:Expedition Blue Mining, breakthrough solutions for sustainable deep sea mining Vessel: RRS James Cook carrying the BGS Rockdrill2 Location:Mid-Atlantic Ridge
  • 2015 –2015 : Project:Expedition 357 Atlantis Massif Serpentinization and Life Vessel: RRS James Cook carrying the BGS Rockdrill2 and the MARUM-MeBo seafloor drills Location:Mid-Atlantic Ridge
  • 2014 –2015 : Project:Expedition BRITICE-CHRONO Constraining rates and style of marine influenced ice-sheet decay Vessel:RRS James Cook carrying the BGS Vibrocorer Location: East of Shetland, Southern North Sea, Irish Sea East, Irish Sea West, Galway Bay, Donegal Bay, Malin Sea, The Minch
  • 2013 –2013 : Project:Expedition Japan Sea Hydrates Expedition Vessel:Jaya Crystal carrying the BGS Rockdrill2 Location:Japan Sea

Research interests

  • 2013 – ongoing: Rockdrill 2 Development
  • 2012 – ongoing :Subsea Exploration Equipment R&D

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