Gemma Purser

Analytical chemist
BGS Keyworth

Gemma Purser’s Biography

  • 2008 – ongoing : Analytical Geochemist – Fluid processes (Hydrates and Hydrothermal Laboratories)
  •  2004 –2008 : Analytical chemist – project supervisor. Development of analytical methods for ecotoxicology studies.


  •  2009 –2013 : European Commission FP7 Euratom project: Fate of repository gases (FORGE)
  •  2008 –2014 : NERC Consortium Grant: Carbon Research into Underground Storage (CRIUS)

Research interests

  • Fluid-rock reactions for both experimental and natural systems related to the study of Energy and waste storage including Carbon capture and Storage (CCS), Radioactive waste storage, Gas hydrates.
  • Analytical Chemistry – Gas chromatography and the development of in-situ methodology for experimental and field based unstable analyte determination
  • High pressure and temperature experimental system design and construction
  • Development of Outreach and science communication activities

Published outputs

  • G. Purser, A. E. Milodowski, D. J. Noy, C. A. Rochelle, J. F. Harrington, A. Butcher, and D. Wagner. Modification to the flow properties of repository cement as a result of carbonation Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 415:35-46, first published on December 22, 2014, doi:10.1144/SP415.9
  • G.Purser, C.A.Rochelle, H.C. Wallis, J. Rosenqvist, A.D. Kilpatrick, B.W.D. Yardley. CO2 mineral dissolution experiments using a rocking autoclave and a novel titanium reaction cell, accepted for publication Review of scientific instruments, Review of Scientific Instruments, Volume 85 (8), August 2014, 85, 086109.
  • G.Purser, C.A. Rochelle, J. Rushton, J.M. Pearce, D. Wagner. An experimental and analogue study of iron release from red sandstones Energy procedia, Volume 63, 2014, pp. 3268-3274.
  • Bateman, K, Purser, G,. 2010. Geological storage of CO2 in the Danish Underground: Evaluation of the Response of the Reservoir and Cap Rocks to CO2 storage. British Geological Survey External Report, CR/10/153. 37pp.
  • N. Kampman, M.J. Bickle, A. Maskell, H.J. Chapman, J.P. Evans, G. Purser, Z. Zhou, M.F. Schaller, J.C. Gattacceca, P. Bertier, F. Chen, A.V. Turchyn, N. Assayag, C. Rochelle, C.J. Ballentine, A. Busch. Drilling and sampling a natural CO2 reservoir: Implications for fluid flow and CO2-fluid–rock reactions during CO2 migration through the overburden, Chemical Geology, Volume 369, March 2014, Pages 51-82


  •  2006 –2010 : MSc Analytical Chemistry – University of Loughborough Dissertation: Speciation of dissolved inorganic carbon in experimental fluids by spectroscopy.
  •  2000 –2003 : BSc (Hons) Biology and Chemistry – University of Derby Dissertation: GC-MS analysis and antimicrobial properties of Thymus serpyllum.

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