Timothy Pharaoh

Dr Timothy Pharaoh

Seismic and basin analyst
BGS Keyworth

Timothy Pharaoh’s Biography

  •  2008 –2012 : Sub-surface structure and geology of the UAE: Task Leader
  •  1999 –2009 : Structure and stratigraphy of the East Midlands Sub-surface: Project Leader
  •  1993 –2002 : Trans-European Suture Zone project of EUROPROBE: Project leader
  •  1988 –1989 : Scientific Exchange with Bureau of Mineral Resources, Canberra, Australia
  •  1983 – ongoing : British Geological Survey Structural Geologist and Seismic Interpreter
  •  1978 –1983 : University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne Demonstrator in structural geology and sedimentology
  •  1975 –1978 : PhD University of Dundee
  •  1972 –1975 : University College of Wales, Aberystwyth BSc Honours Geology (First Class)


Research interests

  •  2010 – ongoing : Tectonics of North Africa
  •  2002 – ongoing : Tectonics of the Arabian Gulf region
  •  1993 – ongoing : Tectonic evolution of Europe
  •  1985 – ongoing : Tectonics of Britain and Ireland
  •  1983 – ongoing : Precambrian geology of the UK and Ireland
  •  1980 – ongoing : Proterozoic geochemistry

Commissioned reports

  •  2012 : 146 Pharaoh, T C, Rowley, W J, and Kingdon, A. 2012. Final Report: UAE onshore/offshore seismic interpretation. British Geological Survey Commissioned Report, CR/12/005. 42pp.
  •  2012 : 147 Pharaoh, T C, Williamson, J P, and Rowley, WJ. 2012. Final Report: Aeromagnetic anomalies and crustal structure in an area of the foreland basin, Sharjah, UAE. British Geological Survey Commissioned Report, CR/12/006. 64pp.
  •  1996 : 69 Chadwick, R.A. & Pharaoh, T.C. 1996. Seismotectonics of the UK. Final Report. Main Text plus appendices A, B and D. BGS Technical Report WA/96/3C: Issue 1.0. 54 pp plus Figures and 96 Enclosures. Prepared in confidence for Nuclear Electric PLC.
  •  1990 : 27 Pharaoh, T.C. 1990. Aspects of the structural geology of the Giles Layered Basic/Ultrabasic Complex and associated felsic granulites, Tomkinson Range, Musgrave Block, Central Australia. Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology & Geophysics, Australia, Record 1990/5, 33pp.

Published outputs

  • 145 Monaghan. A, Ford, J, Milodowski, A, McInroy, D, Pharaoh, T, Rushton, J, Browne, M, Cooper, A, Hulbert, A and Napier, B. 2012. New insights from 3D geological models at analogue CO2 storage sites in Lincolnshire and eastern Scotland, UK. Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society 59, 53-76.
  • 143 Stodt, F., Rice, A.H, Bjorklund, L., Pharaoh, T.C. and Bax, G. 2011. Evidence of late Neoproterozoic glaciation in the Caledonides of NW Scandinavia (IGCP512). In: HAMBREY, M.O (ed) The Geological Record of Neoproterozoic Glaciations. Memoir 36, Geological Society of London.
  • 136 Carney, J.N., Alexandre, P., Pringle, M.S., Pharaoh, T.C., Merriman, R.J & Kemp, S.J. 2008. 40Ar/39Ar constraints on the age of deformational fabrics in Charnwood Forest, UK. Geological Magazine 145, 702-713.
  • 137 Kroner, U., Mansy, J-L., Mazur, S., Aleksandrowski, P., Hann, P.H., Huckriede, H., Lacquement, F., Lamarche, J., Ledru, P., Pharaoh, T.C., Zedler, H., Zeh, A and Zulauf, G. 2008. Chapter 11: Variscan Tectonics. In: McCann, T. Geology of Central Europe. Geological Society of London.
  • 130 Winchester, J A, Pharaoh, T C, Verniers, J, Ioane, D, and Seghedi, A. 2006. Palaeozoic accretion of Gondwana derived terranes to the East European craton: recognition of detached terrane fragments dispersed after collision with promontories. p323-332. In Gee, D.G, and Stephenson, R.A. (Eds). European Lithosphere Dynamics. Geological Society of London Memoir 32.
  • 125 Pharaoh, T.C. 2005. Contribution to Geological history, Caledonian basement In: Smith, N.J.P, Kirby, G.A. and Pharaoh, T.C. The structure and evolution of the Cheshire-Staffordshire area. Subsurface Memoir, British Geological Survey.
  • 124 Pharaoh, T.C. 2004. Chapter 2. Concealed pre-Carboniferous basement. In, Ellison, R A. Geology of London. Special Memoir for 1:50 000 sheets, 256, 257, 270, 271. British Geological Survey.
  • 109 Winchester, J.A. and the PACE TMR Network Team, 2002. Palaeozoic amalgamation of Central Europe: New results from recent geological and geophysical investigations. In: Thybo, H., Pharaoh, T.C., Guterch, A. (Eds). Geophysical Investigation of the Trans-European Suture Zone II. Tectonophysics, 360, 5-22.
  • 111 Bayer, U., Grad, M., Pharaoh, T.C., Thybo, H., Guterch, A., Banka, D., Lamarche, J., Lassen, A., Lewerent, B., Scheck, M. and Marotta, A.-M. 2002. The Southern Margin of the East European Craton: New results from seismic sounding and potential fields between the North Sea and Poland. In: Thybo, H., Pharaoh, T.C., Guterch, A. (Eds). Geophysical Investigation of the Trans-European Suture Zone II. Tectonophysics, 360, 301-314.
  • 112 Scheck, M., Bayer, U., Otto, V., Lamarche, J., Banka, D., and Pharaoh, T.C. 2002. The Elbe Fault Zone in North Central Europe – a basement controlled weakness zone. In: Thybo, H., Pharaoh, T.C., Guterch, A. (Eds). Geophysical Investigation of the Trans-European Suture Zone II. Tectonophysics,360, 281-300.
  • 113 Williamson, J.P., Pharaoh, T.C. & Banka, D. 2002. Potential field modelling of the Baltica-Avalonia (Thor-Tornquist) suture beneath the southern North Sea. Tectonophysics, 360, 47-60.
  • 96 Pharaoh, T.C. and Carney, J. 2000. Introduction Chapter 1 In: J.Carney, J.M. Horak, T.C.Pharaoh., W.Gibbons, D.Wilson, W.J.Barclay, R.E.Bevins, J.C.W.Cope and T.D.Ford. Precambrian rocks of England and Wales. p1-18. Geological Conservation Review, Joint Nature Conservation Committee-Chapman & Hall. 239pp.
  • 98 Kirby, G.A., Aitkenhead, N., Baily, H.E., Birch, B., Evans, D.J., Holliday, D.W., Holloway, S., Hulbert, A.G., Pharaoh, T.C. & Smith, N.J.P. 2000. The structure and evolution of the Craven Basin and adjacent areas. Subsurface Memoir, British Geological Survey, 130pp.
  • 79 Pharaoh, T.C., Allsop, J.M., Holliday, D.W., Merriman, R.J., Kimbell, G.S., Rundle, C.C., Brewer, T.S., Noble, S.R. & Evans, C.J. 1997. The Moorby Microgranite: a deformed high level intrusion of Ordovician age in the concealed Caledonian basement of Lincolnshire. Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, 51, 329-342.
  • 70 Pharaoh, T.C., Morris, J., Long, C.B. & Ryan, P.D. 1996. The Tectonic Map of Britain, Ireland and adjacent areas. Sheet 1. 1:1 500 000 Scale. British Geological Survey and Geological Survey of Ireland.
  • 72 Pharaoh, T.C. 1996. The Trans-European Suture Zone: Phanerozoic Accretion and the Evolution of Contrasting Continental Lithospheres. p40-55. In: D.G.Gee and H.Zeyen (eds) EUROPROBE 1996 – Lithosphere Dynamics: Origin and Evolution of Continents. Uppsala: EUROPROBE Secretariat and Strasbourg: European Science Foundation.
  • 58 Bevins, R.E., Pharaoh, T.C., Cope, J.C.W., & Brewer, T.S. 1995. Geochemical character of Neoproterozoic rocks in southwest Wales. Geological Magazine, 132, 339-349.
  • 59 Pharaoh, T.C., England, R. & Lee, M.K. 1995. The concealed Caledonide basement of eastern England and the southern North Sea – a review. In: Gee, D.G. & Beckholmen, M. (eds). The Trans-European Suture Zone. Europrobe in Liblice 1993. Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica, 39, 330-346.
  • 48 Pharaoh, T.C. and Gibbons, W.A. 1994. Precambrian rocks in England and Wales south of the Menai Strait Fault System. Chapter 9 In: Gibbons, W. and Harris, A.L. (eds) A revised correlation of Precambrian rocks in Britain and Ireland. Geological Society of London, Special Report 22, 85-97.
  • 40 Merriman, R.J., Pharaoh, T.C., Woodcock, N.H. and Daly, P. 1993. The metamorphic history of the concealed Caledonides of eastern England and their foreland. Geological Magazine 130, 613-620.
  • 41 Busby, J.P., Kimbell, G.S. and Pharaoh, T.C. 1993. Integrated geophysical/ geological modelling of the Caledonian and Precambrian basement of southern Britain. Geological Magazine 130, 593-604.
  • 42 Pharaoh, T.C., Brewer, T.S. and Webb, P.C. 1993. Subduction-related magmatism of late Ordovician age in eastern England. Geological Magazine 130, 647-656.
  • 44 Woodcock, N.H. and Pharaoh, T.C. 1993. Silurian facies beneath East Anglia. Geological Magazine 130, 681-690.
  • 45 Noble, S.R., Tucker, R.D. and Pharaoh, T.C. 1993. Lower Palaeozoic and Precambrian igneous rocks from eastern England, and their bearing on late Ordovician closure of the Tornquist Sea: constraints from U-Pb and Nd isotopes. Geological Magazine 130, 738-747.
  • 33 Tucker, R.D. and Pharaoh, T.C. 1991. U Pb Zircon Ages of Late Precambrian Igneous Rocks in Southern Britain. Journal of the Geological Society, London, 148, 435-443.
  • 35 Pharaoh, T.C., Merriman, R.J., Evans, J.A., Brewer, T.S., Webb, P.C. and Smith, N.J.P. 1991. Early Palaeozoic arc related volcanism in the concealed Caledonides of southern Britain. Annales de la Société Géologique de Belgique T114, 63-92.
  • 36 Lee, M.K., Pharaoh, T.C. and Green, A.C. 1991. Structural trends in the concealed basement of eastern England from images of regional potential field data. Annales de la Société Géologique de Belgique T114, 45-62.
  • 28 Lee, M.K., Pharaoh, T.C. and Soper, N.J. 1990. Structural trends in central Britain from images of gravity and aeromagnetic fields. Journal of the Geological Society, London 147, 241-258.
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  • 16 Pharaoh, T.C., Warren, A. and Walsh, N.J. 1987. Early Proterozoic metavolcanic suites of the northernmost part of the Baltic Shield. In: Pharaoh, T.C., Beckinsale, R.D. and Rickard, D.T. (eds.) Geochemistry and Mineralisation of Proterozoic Volcanic Suites, Special Publication, Geological Society, London, 33, pp. 41 58.
  • 17 Pharaoh, T.C., Webb, P., Thorpe, R.S. and Beckinsale, R.D. 1987. Geochemical evidence for the tectonic setting of late Proterozoic volcanic suites in the central UK. In: Pharaoh, T.C., Beckinsale, R.D. and Rickard, D.T. (eds.) Geochemistry and Mineralisation of Proterozoic Volcanic Suites, Special Publication, Geological Society, London, 33, pp. 541-552.
  • 19 Pharaoh, T.C., Merriman, R.J., Webb, P.C. and Beckinsale, R.D. 1987. The concealed Caledonides of eastern England: Preliminary results of a multidisciplinary study. Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, 46, 355-369.
  • 9 Pharaoh, T.C. 1985a. Volcanic and geochemical stratigraphy of the Nussir Group of Arctic Norway An Early Proterozoic greenstone suite. Journal of Geological Society, London 142, 259-278.
  • 4 Pharaoh, T.C. and Pearce, J.A. 1984. Geochemical evidence for the geotectonic setting of Early Proterozoic metavolcanic sequences in Lapland. Precambrian Research 10, 283-309.

Key papers

Farrant, A.R., Ellison, R.A., Thomas, R.J., Pharaoh, T.C., et al. 2012. The Geology and Geophysics of the United Arab Emirates, Memoirs, Volume 6. British Geological Survey, 336pp.

Pharaoh, T.C., Vincent, C., Bentham, M., Hulbert, A.G., Waters, C. N. & Smith, N. J. P. 2011. Structure and evolution of the East Midlands region of the Pennine Basin. Subsurface memoir of the British Geological Survey.

De Vos W., Feldrappe H., Pharaoh T.C., Smith N., Vejbæk O., Verniers J., Nawrocki J., Poprawa P., Bełka Z. 2009. Chapter 4. Pre-Devonian. p59-70 In: Doornenbal, J.C. and Stevenson, A.G.(Eds). Petroleum Geological Atlas of the Southern Permian Basin. EAGE (Houten).

Pharaoh, TC., Dusar, M, Geluk, M., Kockel, F., Krawczyk, C., Krzywiec, P., Scheck-Wenderoth, M., Thybo, H., Vejbaek, O. and van Wees, J-D. 2010. Chapter 3 Tectonic Evolution. p25-58 In: Doornenbal, J.C. and Stevenson, A.G.(Eds). Petroleum Geological Atlas of the Southern Permian Basin. EAGE (Houten).

Pharaoh, T C, Winchester, J A, Verniers, J, Lassen, A, and Seghedi, A. 2006. The western accretionary margin of the east European craton: an overview. In Gee, D.G.and Stephenson, R.A. (Eds). European lithosphere dynamics. Geological Society of London Memoir 32.

Styles, M.T., Ellison, R.A., Arkley, S.L.B., Crowley, Q., Farrant, A., Goodenough, K.M., McKervey, J.A., Pharaoh, T.C., Phillips, E.R., Schofield, D., and Thomas, R.J. 2006. The Geology and Geophysics of the United Arab Emirates. 5 volumes.

Pharaoh, T.C. 1999. Palaeozoic terranes and their lithospheric boundaries within the Trans-European Suture Zone (TESZ): a review. Tectonophysics 314, 7-29.

Chadwick, R.A., Pharaoh, T.C. and Smith, N.J.P. 1989. Lower crustal heterogeneity beneath Britain from deep seismic reflection data. Journal of the Geological Society, London, 146, 617 630.

Publication downloads

  • 115 Verniers, J., Pharaoh, T., Andre, L., Debacker, T., De Vos, W., Everaerts, M., Herbosch, A., Samuelsson, J., Sintubin, M. and Vecoli, M. 2002. Lower Palaeozoic basin development and collision history of Eastern Avalonia. In: Winchester, J.A., Verniers, J.A. & Pharaoh, T.C. (Eds.) Special Publication Geological Society of London, 201, 47-94.

Professional associations

  •  2001 – ongoing : Chartered Geologist
  •  1975 – ongoing : Fellow of the Geological Society of London


Boards and commitees

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