Susan Macmillan

Dr Susan Macmillan

BGS Geomagnetism senior scientist
BGS Edinburgh

Susan Macmillan’s Biography

  •  2000 – ongoing : Leader for BGS magnetic field modelling projects
  •  1999 – 2007 : Co–chair and chair of IAGA Working Group V-MOD. Main output is the International Geomagnetic Reference Field
  •  1990 – ongoing : Develop application of geomagnetism in directional drilling
  •  1989 : PhD Robert Gordon’s Institute of Technology, Renewable Energy. Appointed as mathematical modeller for geomagnetism, BGS
  •  1985 : Postgrad Dip. Glasgow, Land Surveying
  •  1984 : BSc Glasgow, Mathematics

Research interests

  • Magnetic field modelling
  • Causes of long-term changes in Earth’s magnetic field

Current projects and collaborations

Published outputs


  • Programming (Fortran, Matlab, scripting)
  • Geomagnetic data modelling and analysis

Professional associations

  • Fellow, Royal Astronomical Society
  • Fellow, Royal Institute of Navigation

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