Alexander Henderson

Sandy Henderson

Database and project support
BGS Edinburgh

Sandy Henderson’s biography

  •  1994 – 2015: BGS Murchison House
  •  1984 – 1994: BGS Gilmerton
  •  1979 – 1984: IGS Grange Terrace

Key papers

Kimbell, G S, Ritchie, J D, and Henderson, A F. 2010. Three-dimensional gravity and magnetic modelling of the Irish sector of the NE Atlantic margin. Tectonophysics. v. 486, 36-54

Johnson, H,  Leslie, A B, Wilson, C K, Andrews, I J, and Cooper, R M (Authors). Egerton, P, Gillespie, E, Henderson, A F, Jones, S, Quinn, M F, and Wild, J B (Contributors). 2005. Middle Jurassic, Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous of the UK Central and Northern North Sea Continental Shelf and Margins Programme. Research Report RR/03/001, 42pp.


  • GIS, Recall, NHDA, CorelDraw, ODM, Arcscene, Adobe Illustrator

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