Katy Freeborough

Kathryn Freeborough

Applied geohazard specialist
BGS Keyworth

Kathryn Freeborough’s biography

  •  2001 – ongoing: Geoscientist, BGS, Keyworth
  •  2000 – 2001: Temporary Work: Environment Agency, Nottingham
  •  1998 – 1999: Work Placemement: Environment Agency, Nottingham
  •  1996 – 2000: BSc Physical Geography, Coventry University

Research interests

  • Landslides of the UK
  • Manager of the National Landslide Database
  • Shrink-Swell Clays of the UK and the Urban Environment
  • Dissolution and Karst Geohazards
  • Communicating science to the public: Science and Engineering Ambassador

Published outputs

NERC Open Research Archive — Katy Freeborough

Harrison, A M, Lee, K A, Holbrook, H W, Jones, L D, Freeborough, K A, and Grebby, S. 2012b. Satellite derived soil moiture data and shrink swell research: Final report. British Geological Survey Internal Report (OR/12/138).

Harrison, A M, Freeborough, K A, Lee, K A, Jones, L D, and Bateson, L. 2011. Satellite derived soil moisture data and shrink swell research: A scoping report. British Geological Survey Internal Report (IR/12/015).

Ridgway, J, Bee, E, Breward, N, Cave, M, Chenery, S, Gowing, C, Harrison, I, Hodgkinson, E, Humphreys, B, Ingham, M, Jarrow, A, Jenkins, G, Kim, A, Lister, R T, Milodowski, A, Pearson, S, Rowlands, K, Spiro, B, Strutt, M, Turner, P, and Vane, C. 2012. The Mersey Estuary : sediment geochemistry. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 206pp. (RR/10/002)

Jenkins, G O, Freeborough, K A, and Morgan, D J R. 2010. Landslide nature and distribution on the Market Rasen 1:50k geological sheet. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 11pp. (OR/10/013)

Key papers

Freeborough, K A, Pennington, C V L, and Dashwood, C. 2014. Landslides in the East Midlands. Mercian Geologist 18(3): 185-187.

Pennington, C V L, Freeborough, K A, Dashwood, C, Dijkstra, T A, and Lawrie, K. 2015. The National Landslide Database of Great Britain: acquisition, communication and the role of social media. Geomorphology.

Pennington, C V L, Dijkstra, T A, Lark, M, Dashwood, C, Harrison, A M, Freeborough, K A, and Reeves, H J. 2014. Antecedent precipitation as a potential proxy for landslide incidence in South West United Kingdom. In: Sassa, K. et al. (eds), Landslides Science for a Safer Geoenvironment Vol. 1. pp253-259. Third World Landslide Forum 2014, Beijing.

Hobbs, P, Gibson, A, Jones, L, Poulton, C, Jenkins, G, Pearson, S, and Freeborough, K. 2010. Monitoring coastal change using terrestrial LiDAR. In: Fleming, Claire; Marsh, Stuart; Giles, Jeremy, (eds.) Elevation models for geoscience. Geological Society of London, 117-127. (Geological Society Special Publications, 345).

Freeborough, K A, Gibson, A D, Hall, M, Poulton, C, Wildman, G, Forster, A, and Burt, E. 2006. Landslide and mass movement processes and their distribution in the Wellington district of Somerset. Geoscience in south-west England – Proceedings of the Ussher Society, 11 (2). 139-144.

Rawlins, B G, Kemp, S J, Hodgkinson, E H, Riding, J B, Vane, C H, Poulton, C, and Freeborough, K. 2006. Potential and pitfalls in establishing the provenance of earth-related samples in forensic investigations. Journal of Forensic Science, 51 (4). 832-845. 10.1111/j.1556-4029.2006.00152.x

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