Carol Cotterill

Dr Carol Cotterill

Marine geoscientist
BGS Edinburgh


I am an internationally recognised marine geoscientist leading multidisciplinary research teams (5 to >80 scientists) working on applied and research geoscience projects for commercial renewable developments in the offshore environment and as part of the International Ocean Discovery Program

Carol Cotterill’s Biography

  • 2006 – ongoing : Marine Geoscientist, British Geological Survey
  • 2002 –2006 : PhD, University of Southampton. Marine geophysics and structural geology
  • 2002 –2004 : Project Staff with Raleigh International
  • 1999 –2002 : BSc (Hons)First Class, University of Southampton, Oceanography with Geology

Research interests

  • Fault analysis and fault development
  • Glacial geomorphology and glacitectonic deformation
  • Marine geomorphology and landscape evolution
  • Quaternary sedimentary records as preserved in lakes
  • – ongoing Science communication and engagement with decision makers and the general public

Current projects and collaborations

  • 2019 – ongoing : Expedition Project Manager for the IODP Expedition 386 Japan trench Paleoseismology
  • 2018 – ongoing : Co-Investigator on the ERC funded RISeR project
  • 2010 – ongoing : Working with Equinor and SSE on the geological ground model conditions for the Dogger Bank Round 3 windfarm projects Creyke Beck A and B.
  • 2018 – ongoing : Working with Equinor on the survey planning and geological ground conditions for extensions to Dudgeon and Sheringham Shoal windfarms
  • 2016 – ongoing : European Consortium for Ocean Research Drilling (ECORD) Science Operator (ESO) Outreach Manager
  • 2010 –2018 : Supervision of three joint PhD students with NOCS looking at the glacial geomorphology and modern lakebed processes operating within Windermere.
  • 2012 – ongoing : Joint supervisor with Queen Marys University, London; Leicester University; Leeds University and University of Manchester on PhD topics from the Dogger Bank Round 3 windfarm zone
  • 2007 –2016 : Expedition Project Manager for ESO within the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program. Expeditions include New Jersey Shallow Shelf (313), Great Barrier Reef Environmental Change (325)and Baltic Sea Paleoenvironment (347).

Key papers

  • Roberts, D H, Evans, D J A, Callard, S L, Clark, C D, Bateman, M D, Medialdea, A, Dove, D, Cotterill, C J, Saher, M, Cofaigh, C Ó, Chiverrell, R C, Moreton, S G, Fabel, D, and Bradwell, T. 2018. Ice marginal dynamics of the last British-Irish Ice Sheet in the southern North Sea: ice limits, timing and the influence of the Dogger Bank. Quaternary Science Reviews, 198. 181-207.
  • Phillips, E, Cotterill, C, Johnson, K, Crombie, K, James, L, Carr, S, and Ruiter, A. 2018. Large-scale glacitectonic deformation in response to active ice sheet retreat across Dogger Bank (southern central North Sea) during the Last Glacial Maximum. Quaternary Science Reviews, 179. 24-47.
  • Früh-Green, G L, Orcutt, B N, Rouméjon, S, Lilley, M D, Morono, Y, Cotterill, C, Green, S, Escartin, J, Barbara, J E, McCaig, A M, Cannat, M, Ménez, B, Schwarzenbach, E M, Williams, M J, Morgan, S, Lang, S Q, Schrenk, M O, Brazelton, W J, Akizawa, N, Boschi, C, Dunkel, K, G, Quéméneur, M, Whattam, S, A, Mayhew, L, Harris, M, Bayrakci, G, Behrmann, J-H, Herrero-Bervera, E, Hesse, , Liu, H-Q, Ratnayake, A S, Twing, K, Weis, D, Zhao, R, and Bilenker, L. 2018. 323. 137-155. Magmatism, serpentinization and life: insights through drilling the Atlantis Massif (IODP Expedition 357). Lithos
  • Fielding, J J, Kemp, A E S, Bull, J M, Cotterill, C J, Pearce, R B, Avery, R S, Langdon, P G, and Croudace, I W. 2018. Palaeoseismology from microfabric and geochemical analysis of lacustrine sediment, Windermere, UK. Journal of the Geological Society, 175 (6). 903-914.
  • Cotterill, C J, Phillips, E, James, L, Forsberg, C F, Tjelta, T I, Carter, G, and Dove, D. 2017. The evolution of the Dogger Bank, North Sea: a complex history of terrestrial, glacial and marine environmental change. Quaternary Science Reviews, 171. 136-153.
  • Cotterill, C, Phillips, E, James, L, Forsberg, C F, and Tjelta, T I. 2017. How understanding past landscapes might inform present-day site investigations: a case study from Dogger Bank, southern central North Sea. Near Surface Geophysics, 15 (4). 403-413.
  • Avery, R S, Xuan, C, Kemp, A E S, Bull, J M, Cotterill, C J, Fielding, J J, Pearce, R B, and Croudace, I W. 2017. A new Holocene record of geomagnetic secular variation from Windermere, UK. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 477. 108-122.
  • Miller, H, Winfield, I J, Fletcher, J M, James, J B, Van Rijn, J, Bull, J M, and Cotterill, C. 2015. Distribution, characteristics and condition of Arctic charr (Salvelinus alpinus) spawning grounds in a differentially eutrophicated twin-basin lake. Ecology of Freshwater Fish, 24 (1). 32-43.
  • Miller, H, Croudace, I W, Bull, J M, Cotterill, C J, Dix, J K, Taylor, R N. 2014. A 500 year sediment lake record of anthropogenic and natural inputs to Windermere (English Lake District) using double-spike lead isotopes, radiochronology, and sediment microanalysis. Environmental Science & Technology, 48 (13). 7254-7263.
  • Miller, H, Cotterill, C J, and Bradwell, T. 2014. Glacial and paraglacial history of the Troutbeck Valley, Cumbria, UK: integrating airborne LIDAR, multibeam bathymetry and geological field mapping. Proceedings of the Geologists’ Association, 125 (1). 31-40.
  • Cotterill, C, Dove, D, Long, D, James, L, Duffy, C, Mulley, S, Forsberg, C F, and Tjelta, T I. 2012. Dogger Bank – A GEO Challenge. In Offshore Site Investigation and Geotechnics: Integrated Geotechnologies – Present and Future. Proceedings of the 7th International Conference, Society for Underwater Technology.
  • Limpenny, S E, Barrio Froján, C, Cotterill, C, Foster-Smith, R L, Pearce, B, Tizzard, L, Limpenny, D L, Long, D, Walmsley, S, Kirby, S, Baker, K, Meadows, W J, Rees, J, Hill, J, Wilson, C, Leivers, M, Churchley, S, Russell, J, Birchenough, A C, Green, S L, and Law, R J (2011). The East Coast Regional Environmental Characterisation. Cefas Open report 08/04. 287pp.
  • Webster, J M, Yokoyama, Y, Cotterill, C, and the Expedition 325 Scientists. 2011. Proc. IODP, 325: Tokyo (Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Management International, Inc.). doi:10.2204/​iodp.proc.325.2011
  • Yokohama, Y, Webster, J M, Cotterill, C, Braga, J C, Jovane, L, Mills, H, Morgan, S, Suzuki, A, and the IODP Expedition 325 Scientists. 2011. IODP Expedition 325: the Great Barrier Reef reveals past sea-level, climate, and environmental changes since the last Ice Age. Sci. Drill., 12:32–45. doi:10.2204/​
  • Expedition 325 Scientists, 2010. Great Barrier Reef environmental changes: the last deglacial sea level rise in the South Pacific: offshore drilling northeast Australia. IODP Prel. Rept., 325. doi:10.2204/
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  • Webster, J M, Yokoyama, Y, and Cotterill, C. 2009. Great Barrier Reef environmental changes: the last deglacial sea level rise in the South Pacific: offshore drilling northeast Australia. IODP Sci. Prosp., 325. doi:10.2204/iodp.sp.325.2009
  • McNeill, L C, Cotterill, C J, Bull, J M, Henstock, T J, Bell, R, and Stefatos, A. 2007. Geometry and slip rate of the Aigion fault, a young normal fault system in the western Gulf of Corinth Geology, April, v. 35, p. 355-358, doi:10.1130/G23281A.1

Published outputs


  • Geoscience Interpretation and Research, Project Management, Science
  • Communication, Business Strategy, Innovation and Leadership

Boards and commitees

  • 2019 – ongoing : Outreach and Education Officer, Division on Energy, Resources and the Environment (ERE), European Geoscience Union (EGU)
  • 2015 : British Ocean Sediment Core Research Facility (BOSCORF) Steering Committee
  • 2015 – ongoing : Proceedings of the Geologists Association – Editor

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