UK Geoenergy Observatories Workshop on obtaining samples | 20 March | BGS, Keyworth

UK Geoenergy Observatories
Meeting starts at 10.30

The UK Geoenergy Observatories project is delivering new centres for world-leading research into the subsurface environment. The British Geological Survey (BGS), funded by NERC, is delivering the research infrastructure and will operate facilities in Cheshire and Glasgow over their 15-year lifetime.

Workshop Objective:

This workshop will explain the process for sampling core, fluids and for geomicrobiological analyses from UK Geoenergy Observatories. Specifically this workshop will describe how to access samples from geological core & cuttings, preserved geomicrobiology samples from the Glasgow borehole GGC01 drilled in Nov-Dec 2018 (access to some fluid samples has already been allocated) and access to all sample types that will be collected from the Cheshire facility which is scheduled to begin drilling during summer 2019 (subject to planning permission). It will describe in detail the types of samples that will be available.

This meeting will outline the sampling request process, the mechanisms by which sampling requests will be reviewed and evaluated, and the responsibilities that these will place on the scientists.

Any scientist interested in sampling materials from this project should attend including:

  • UK based academic scientists including those from BGS and NERC
  • Post-Doctoral researchers / fellows & PhD Students

Summary agenda

  1. Brief Introduction & Vision for UKGEOs
  2. Open data and NERC data policy
  3. Glasgow Geothermal Energy Research Facility Site: opportunities for sampling
  4. Cheshire Geoenergy Research Facility Site: opportunities for sampling
  5. The New NGR Core Scanning facility
  6. Details of Intended Sampling Process and Deadlines

Meeting close at 16:00

Inevitably scientists will be asking for details of sampling that are yet to be completely defined. Therefore the CERFS sampling request are subject to changes and will help define the sampling process. The infrastructure of the UK Geoenergy Observatories facilities, including all of the expected samples and data to be collected are describe in:

Monaghan, A A, Starcher, V, O Dochartaigh, B, Shorter, K, Burkin, J. 2018. UK Geoenergy Observatories: Glasgow Geothermal Energy Research Field Site: science infrastructure. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 46pp. (OR/18/037)

Kingdon, A, Dearden, R A, Fellgett, M W. 2018. UK Geoenergy Observatories Cheshire Energy Research Field Site : Science Infrastructure. Keyworth, Nottingham, British Geological Survey, 48pp. (OR/18/055)

BGS Keyworth site details

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20 March 2019 10:30 - 20 March 2019 16:00


28 February 2019