BGS Science Advisory Committee

BGS Director John Ludden
Under the terms of the MoU which BGS signed with NERC following the creation of the BGS board, a new BGS Science Advisory Committee has been recruited. Following an open competition, and interviews conducted by Mike Stephenson and Donna Kirkwood (Chief Scientist of Natural Resources Canada), I am pleased to announce the composition of the committee :
  • Professor Frances Wall (Professor of Applied Mineralogy, Camborne School of Mines)
  • Professor Mike Bradshaw (Professor of Global Energy, Warwick Business School)
  • Dr Liz Fellman (Associate Director, NERC)
  • Joanna Coleman (UK Energy Transition Manager, Shell)
  • Dr Patrick Bermingham (Exploration Chief Geophysicist, Shell International)
  • Professor Mercedes Maroto-Valer (Assistant Deputy Principal, Research & Innovation, Heriot-Watt University)
  • Professor Cherry Tweed (Chief Scientific Adviser, Radioactive Waste Management Ltd)
  • Dr Andy Croxford (Head of EU Exit and Environmental Strategy, The Environment Agency)
  • Professor Stephen de Mora (Chief Executive, Plymouth Marine Laboratory)
The BGS board approved Mike and Donna’s recommendation that Frances Wall chair the committee, and she has accepted that offer.

The Terms of Reference will need to be agreed, but the committee’s broad role is to :

  • Advise the BGS CEO and Director of Science & Technology on the development and delivery of the overall science strategy for the BGS as a national and international centre of excellence for geosciences in a way that maximises and demonstrates its impact
  • Advise on funding and impact opportunities
  • Advise on the development and implementation of a process for evaluating the quality of BGS’s research

The committee’s first meeting will be in Keyworth on Friday 16 November, where the focus of discussion will be the refreshed science strategy. It is expected that the committee will meet a couple of times a year, with input being sought when required outside of formal meetings. The committee will also advise us on the process for evaluating BGS science.

This is a very strong committee with extensive expertise and experience in academic research, industry, and government liaison. I am sure it will provide invaluable advice to BGS in the exciting and challenging time we are facing.

Professor John Ludden CBE



5 November 2018