Aquaculture in Lake Victoria – challenges for the industry


Congratulations to Tracey Coffey, Sharon Egan, Suzanne McGowan, Murray Lark, Odipo Osano, Christopher Aura, Andrew Marriott, Greg Sambrook Smith, Iseult Lynch and Stefan Krause on their successful GCRF Multidisciplinary Challenge–led research project 'Aquaculture in Lake Victoria — challenges for the industry'. This project combines the experience and expertise within the University of Nottingham with that of the inorganic geochemistry department at the BGS, the University of Eldoret, the Kenya Marine Fisheries Research Institute and the University of Birmingham.

This project addresses the intensification of the aquaculture industry in Kenya and highlights the major risks to its sustainability. The overarching aim is to identify key pollutants at the 'environment:fish:human' interface and to highlight the potential risks to livestock production, animal and human health, food security and the environment. The project's novelty lies in its holistic approach to pollution analysis across this interface, and its potential impact on food security and the animal/human health implications of exposure to each pollutant, with clear health, social and economic impacts.



7 September 2018