EVT GeoWeek | 5–13 May 2018
5th – 13th May 2018

Some 4000 people graduate with geoscience-related degrees across the UK every year, so this means that there must be 150 000 or more geoscientists across the whole country. If even a fraction of this number of people could become involved in geoscience outreach in their own areas, we could bring geoscience awareness to more people across the UK than ever before.

The Earth Science Education Forum (ESEF) approached as many geoscience organisations across the country as possible to encourage them to become involved in an initiative, and thus GeoWeek was born.

GeoWeek seeks to introduce as many members of the public to geoscience as possible, mainly through outdoor activities such as urban, rural or coastal fieldwork.

Go to www.geoweek.org.uk for more information.

EVT RFG 2018 Conference | 16-21 June 2018 | Vancouver, Canada
16th – 21st Jun 2018

The Resources for Future Generations (RFG) conference to be held in June 2018 in Vancouver, Canada has confirmed our technical session RS26: Three-Dimensional Geological Modelling for Sustainable Resource Development.

Three-dimensional geological models are increasingly used as tools to facilitate the communication of complex subsurface geological relationships, identify resources and support science-based decision making. The session welcomes resource-focussed contributions on 3D modelling methodology, standards, and local, regional and national case studies from explorers, industry, regulators, geological surveys and other institutions.

The session is organized by a global team of scientists, if you have any questions please get in touch with us, our contact details are below.

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