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Redcar Mudstone Formation

Computer Code: RMU Preferred Map Code: ReM
Status Code: Full
Age range: Hettangian Age (JH) — Pliensbachian Age (JE)
Lithological Description: Grey, fossiliferous, fissile mudstones and siltstones with subordinate thin beds of shelly limestone in lower part, and fine-grained carbonate-cemented sandstone in upper part; argillaceous limestone concretions occur throughout.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Where grey, silty mudstone with thin beds of limestone and calcareous sandstone rest with sharp and irregular contact on grey-green soft mudstone with thin siltstone laminae of Penarth Group (Lilstock Formation, Cotham Member); in the British Geological Survey Felixkirk Borehole, this is at depth 288.87m.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Gradational contact with overlying sandstones and siltstones of Staithes Sandstone Formation, but defined at the base of the "Oyster Bed" (highly fossiliferous calcareous and ferruginous sandstone).
Thickness: To c.283m
Geographical Limits: Cleveland Basin, North Yorkshire and Cleveland.
Parent Unit: Lias Group (LI)
Previous Name(s): LOWER LIAS (LLI)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Area  North Yorkshire and Cleveland coast. 
Type Section  Robin Hood's Bay North Yorkshire (lower part of formation not exposed). 
Reference Section  British Geological Survey Felixkirk Borehole, Felixkirk, North Yorkshire (SE48NE/2) 94.85-288.87m depth. 
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