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Durn Hill Quartzite Formation

Computer Code: DBDQ Preferred Map Code: DuQu
Status Code: Full
Age range: Neoproterozoic Era (AZ) — Neoproterozoic Era (AZ)
Lithological Description: Quartzite, massive to blocky, locally feldspathic. Micaceous quartzite at base in southern part of outcrop.
Definition of Lower Boundary: Change from interbedded psammite and semipelite of Arnbath Formation, where present, or pelite and limestone of Fordyce Limestone Formation, to thicker-bedded quartzite.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Rapid transition to pelite (graphitic near coast) at base of Castle Point Pelite Formation.
Thickness: c.400m on Durn Hill, thinning to c.150m at coast. Probably repeated by folding and thrusting on Knock Hill and farther south.
Geographical Limits: Coast section from 150m southeast of Foul Hole to John Legg's Well [NJ 579 666 to 580 665]; extends southwards as far as Braco [NJ 498 512]. Equivalent to the Kymah Quartzite farther south.
Parent Unit: Islay Subgroup (DBIS)
Previous Name(s): Upper Part Of Durn Hill Quartzite (-4588)
Alternative Name(s): Kymah Quartzite Formation
Reference Section  Coastal section from 150m southeast of Foul Hole to John Legg's Well. 
Partial Type Section  Durn Hill Quarry. 
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S096 S086