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Carrock Gabbro-Microgranite Intrusions

Computer Code: CFCOC Preferred Map Code: notEntered
Status Code: Full
Age range: Caradoc Series (O4) — Caradoc Series (O4)
Lithological Description: A microgabbro, cutting the main mass of micrographic microgranite, a narrow marginal zone of apatite-bearing, iron-rich gabbro, microdiorite, micromonzodiorite and microgranite. Radiometric age: microgranite 452.4 +/- 4.1 Ma (U-Pb, zircon) (Millward, D and Evans, J A, 2003.)
Definition of Lower Boundary: Not defined.
Definition of Upper Boundary: Not defined.
Thickness: A near-vertical sheet like mass emplaced with the Carrock Fell Complex.
Geographical Limits: Carrock Fell, Cumbria.
Parent Unit: Carrock Fell Complex (CFCO)
Previous Name(s): Carrock Granophyre (-764)
Carrock Diabase (-3915)
Carrock Gabbro-Microgranite Division (-2682)
Carrock Series (-2683)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Area  Carrock Fell. Millward (1999). 
Reference Section  Further Gill Sike. Millward (1999). 
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