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Briton's Lane Sand And Gravel Member

Computer Code: BRLSG Preferred Map Code: notEntered
Status Code: Full
Age range: Pleistocene Epoch (QP) — Pleistocene Epoch (QP)
Lithological Description: The Briton's Land Sand and Gravel Member consists of horizontal, massive and low angle planar cross-bedded gravels and cobble gravels with thin seams of horizontal and rippled sand. The lithology has a distinctive high flint content (c.85-89%) of which the majority is of non-chatter marked variety (c.78-85%). The gravels also contain a wide range of far-travelled crystalline erratics including rocks of British and Scandinavian provenance.
Definition of Lower Boundary: The lower boundary is generally well defined with sands and gravels resting upon an erosion surface that cuts down into and draped over tills of the Sheringham Cliffs Formation.
Definition of Upper Boundary: The Brition's Lane Sand and Gravel Member is commonly exposed at the surface although in places it has a thick palaeosol developed within the upper 2-3m.
Thickness: The maximum observed is 40m.
Geographical Limits: The Briton's Lane Sand and Gravel Member is the most extensive part of the Brition's Lane Formation and forms the elevated sections of the Cromer Ridge between the Glavern Valley, Beeston Regis and Overstrand, north Norfolk. The member also forms some of the large sand and gravel outliers between West Runton and Weybourne and has been traced southwards inland for approximately 10km.
Parent Unit: Briton's Lane Formation (BRLA)
Previous Name(s): Briton's Lane Sands And Gravels (-3872)
Alternative Name(s): none recorded or not applicable
Type Section  The northern face within Briton's Lane Quarry, Beeston Regis near Sheringham, north Norfolk. Pawley et al. 2005. 
Banham, P H. 1968. A preliminary note on the Pleistocene stratigraphy of northeast Norfolk. Proceedings of the Geologists' Association, Vol.79, 507-512. 
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Lee, J R, Booth, S J, Hamblin, R J O, Jarrow, A M, Kessler, H, Moorlock, B S P, Morigi, A N, Palmer, A, Riding, J B and Rose, J. 2004. A new stratigraphy for the glacial deposits around Lowestoft, Great Yarmouth, North Walsingham and Cromer, East Anglia, UK. Bulletin of the Geological Society of Norfolk, Vol.53, 3-60. 
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