Online Maps

Licensing Map

The current licensing map for Northern Ireland can be found on the Department for the Economy website.

Interactive Maps

© Crown Copyright 2009. MOU205

You can view high resolution maps of bedrock geology, total magnetic intensity and gold in soils using the GSNI map viewer application. This requires Adobe Flash.


© Crown Copyright 2009. MOU205

The BGS GeoIndex is an online GIS that provides access to GSNI datasets including:

  • Mineral occurrences
  • Mineral licence areas
  • Active quarries
  • Petroleum licence areas
  • Borehole records
  • Bedrock aquifer
  • Superficials aquifer
  • Groundwater vulnerability screening layer
  • Geochemical Analyses
  • Shafts and adits
  • Site investigation reports
  • Irish grid maps (1:50 000 & 1:63 360), memoirs and reports
  • Geology
  • Landsat imagery

Last Updated: 21st August 2015