Applications for Mining Licences and Leases

Each application should include reserve calculations, details of the geological evidence on which they are based and a scheme of mineral working. Information should also be provided concerning the ownership of the surface land and, if known, about the former ownership of the mineral rights. An application must be accompanied by two original Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland 1:10,000 maps showing the application area and three 1:2,500 maps illustrating the proposed mine design. The relevant fee should be included together with audited accounts of the applicant company for the three years prior to the making of the application (and if applicable, similar audited accounts from any parent company) if these have not already been supplied.

In considering any applications for mining licences and leases the Department, in accordance with the provisions of the 1969 Act, investigates the technical and financial resources of the applicant and carries out a consultation procedure. Advice is taken from consultants who have expertise in mining to ensure that the proposed mine design is based on adequate geological data and that potentially hazardous conditions have been located and defined. In addition to the usual consultees, the Department consults the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland about the safety aspects of the proposed mine, and the Valuation and Lands Agency on the question of royalties.

Last Updated: 23rd February 2009