Expression of Interest (EoI)

  • The EoI is valid for 12 months from the date of submission.
  • The EoI holder can at any time during this period submit to the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) a full application for a prospecting licence, or licences within the area of interest, which DETI will process in the usual manner.
  • During this period DETI will also inform the EoI holder, should it receive any prospecting licence applications from third parties located wholly or partly within the area of interest.
  • The EoI holder will then have 30 days to submit a competing application for the area, or part of it, as it so decides. The third party would also be made aware of any application made by the EoI holder.  However, the identity of the competing applicant would not be made known to either party, unless both parties agreed to this.
  • Both applications would then be treated on their merits in a competitive situation.  The EoI is not a guarantee that any prospecting licence would be awarded to the EoI holder.
  • Any data collected by the EoI holder during this pre-licence phase covered by the EoI, will remain the property of the EoI holder, unless the company chooses to make it available to the Geological Survey of Northern Ireland.  If so, the company may request commercial confidentiality for a period not exceeding five years.  If this is the case, all documentation should be clearly marked “Commercial in Confidence”.


Last Updated: 23rd February 2009