FutureThames aims to initiate, facilitate, and support interdisciplinary and collaborative geoscience research in an attempt to understand the effects of environmental change in the Thames basin.

The project endeavours to involve not only the diverse threads of geoscience within BGS, but also the wider environmental communities, public bodies and industry to provide a holistic approach to predicting and mitigating the effects of environmental change.

Providing a relevant and focussed geoscience knowledge base and encouraging knowledge exchange between researchers and practitioners is essential if the impacts of environmental change in the Thames basin are to be quantified.

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Booklet front cover FutureThames booklet 48.6 MB pdf. The booklet highlights some of the key challenges affecting the Thames basin and how geoscience might be able to help address them. It is a useful starting point to encourage the use of geoscience as part of an integrated solution.
Key research questions. Our key research questions represent the most important challenges facing the Thames catchment with regards to climate change and sustainability. These evolving and multidisciplinary questions are starting to be defined and answered by BGS teams and fellow stakeholders and collaborators.

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FutureThames has access to a wide range of spatial data for use in research within the Thames catchment.

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