Cut-out 3D model of Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh

A simple schematic model of Arthur's Seat showing how the rocks formed from a volcano similar to the modern-day Soufrière Hills volcano, Montserrat in the West Indies.

This model is intended to aid understanding of where such volcanoes form and how volcanic rocks can be important natural resources for construction.

Download and assembly instructions

  1. Download cut-out 3D model of the Arthur's Seat Volcano model 485 KB pdf
  2. Cut out the paper volcano model by cutting along all its outside edges.
  3. Fold along the solid lines, so the printed sides face outward.
  4. Try the pieces for fit before applying glue or tape.
  5. Glue the tabs as indicated.

What you will need:

Folding and assembling the model Folding and assembling the model
Finished model Finished model

Further information

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