Andrew Crombie Ramsay


1814 Born in Glasgow. Educated in Glasgow.
1840 Exhibited map and model of Arran at British Association.
1841 Published “Geology of Arran”.
Joined Survey as Assistant Geologist.
1846 “On the denudation of South Wales and adjacent counties of England”.
1848 Appointed to Chair of Geology at University College. London.
1849 Elected F.R.S.
1851 Appointed to Professorship of Geology in Royal School of Mines.
1856 President of Geological Section, British Association at Cheltenham. Address: “On breaks in succession of British rocks”.
1857 Deputed by Geological Society to American Association for Advancement of Science. Visited Canada and North States with Logan and Hall.
1862 President of Geological Society, elected Knight of the Order of St. Maurice of St. Lazarus. Paper to the Geological Society “On Glacial origin of certain lakes in Switzerland.”
1866 LL.D. (Edinburgh).
President of Geological Section, British Association. Geological map of the British Isles and “On the physical geology and geography of Great Britain” published.
1867 Appointed Director of England and Wales Survey.
“The geology of North Wales”.
1871 Appointed Director-General.
Wollaston Medal.
1879 Royal Medal of Royal Society.
1880 President of British Association at Swansea. Address: “The recurrence of certain phenomena in geological time”.
1881 President of the Geology Section, British Association “The origin and progress of present state of geology”.
Resigned from Survey, December 31st.
Knighted December 7th.
1891 Died December 9th.


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1923 Also contributed to : "Lower Findhorn" (1923).
1913 Contributed to: "Central Ross" (1913)
1858 Contributed to: "Parts of Wiltshire and Gloucestershire" (1858)

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