Photography and current BGS activities

Today, we are experiencing a new 'digital' revolution, where, along with conventional photographic equipment, computers and image manipulation tools are an essential part of the photographer's kit. Of course the role of the BGS photographic department is more diverse today than ever before, placing greater demands on the skills of the photographer.

We help manage the National Archive of Geological Photographs, part of which available to view and download at GeoScenic.

The bulk of our work is for the core scientific groups within the BGS, and includes anything from photography in the studio or on location, high magnification photography, and digital image manipulation.

We also work directly for external sales and the publication services section, providing images for BGS publications and for sale to external customers.

The BGS photographic unit, established in 1891, is based at Keyworth and Edinburgh, provides a complete in-house professional photographic and laboratory service for internal and external customers.

British Institute of Professional Photographers (BIPP) accredited, the unit offers a wide range of services:

  • high quality studio and location photography
  • high magnification and UV photography
  • scanning, image manipulation and digital output
  • facilities for video capture and editing

Contact Fergus MacTaggart for further details.