Geological Survey of Scotland, 1:63,360/1:50,000 geological map series

The current series for Scotland. Sheetlines are based on the Ordnance Survey First, Second, Third and Fourth Editions of the one-inch to one mile map of Scotland the sheet lines remaining the same though with minor changes. The Geological Survey used whatever was the latest topographic sheet available at the time. Sheets were traditionally issues at 1:63,360 until 1972 when sheets started appearing at 1:50,000 with 1:63,360 sheets continuing to be released up to 1990. 1:50,000 sheets are of two types: 1:63,360 maps photographically enlarged to 1:50,000, facsimile enlargements; new cartography at 1:50,000 - the latter bearing the additional series designation: 1:50 000 Series. For the latter the original sheet areas were split into East and West halves e.g. Sheet 32 one-inch to the mile became Sheet 32 E and 32 W sheets at 1:50,000. For the Outer Hebrides the original one-inch to one mile regular sheetlines were abandoned and replaced by a smaller number of 1:100,000 maps. A number of irregular area sheets were also introduced at the time of the change in scale to 1:50,000. 'Special sheets' in the same style mapping have been produced associated with this series e.g. Assynt, Glasgow region, Arran.

The 'Special sheets' can be found at the end of the listing.

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Sheet number Sheet title Map type Scale Published year View record
Kirkmaiden. Drift  1:50 000  1982  Full entry
Kirk Maiden Solid  1:63 360  1871  Full entry
[Kirk Maiden] Solid  1:63 360  1871  Full entry
Kirkmaiden. Solid  1:50 000  1985  Full entry
1 and 3 with parts of 7 and 4W  Rhins of Galloway. Solid  1:50 000  1992  Full entry
Kirkmaiden. Solid and Drift  1:63 360  1923  Full entry
Kirkmaiden. Solid and Drift  1:63 360  1964  Full entry
Whithorn. Drift  1:50 000  1982  Full entry
[Whithorn] Solid  1:63 360  1872  Full entry
Whithorn. Solid alongside Drift  1:50 000  1987  Full entry


Showing 1 - 10 of 665 | Map index

Hutton field: well correlation diagram.
Small scale (non-series) maps
Small scale (non-series) maps