London Information Office - More information

This office provides a geological information and advisory service and affords public access to reference and sale copies of Survey publications including maps and other literature.

Other services include on line access to BGS databases, including GeoIndex and indexes to collections, records and archives held by the National Geoscience Record Centre and Library at the Survey's headquarters near Nottingham. Photocopying and facsimile transmission are available at standard charges.

Travel details and additional information are available.

British Geological Survey Meeting Room

This is maintained for use by British Geological Survey staff in London on business for meeting clients, academic colleagues and overseas visitors, to discuss activities of mutual interest.


British Geological Survey publications including maps, memoirs, regional geology guides, selected technical reports, popular publications, posters, souvenirs, postcards and some overseas geological maps are available for sale over the counter. Mail order sales can be arranged. Orders may be placed for copies of out of print or unpublished BGS material including maps. A selection of non BGS publications, including books, guides, souvenirs and field equipment are also available.

Reference collections

British Geological Survey material available for consultation at the information office, includes the following:

1. Geological maps of the British Isles
These include geological (both bedrock and superficial deposits cover), geophysical, hydrogeological, groundwater vulnerability, environmental geology: engineering geology industrial minerals, mineral reconnaissance (metalliferous minerals) maps as well as separate seabed sediments, bedrock, Quaternary and geophysical maps for offshore areas. The following are the main scales represented:

1:10 000 and 1:10 560 National Grid, and 1:10 560 County Series;
1:25 000, 1:50 000, 1:63 360, 1:250 000, 1:252 440, and 1:625 000 scales;

There are in addition Geochemical atlases and an Atlas of onshore Sedimentary Basins of the UK. Examples of BGS Landsat Thematic Mapper Imagery of Britain are available.

Also individual small-scale maps showing regional or whole country cover for bedrock and Quaternary geology, Tourists' Rock Fossil and Mineral Map of GB, Pre-Permian geology, geothermal energy potential, earthquakes, metallogenic, satellite, imagery industrial minerals, building stones, geophysical, tectonic provinces, UK and Ireland Continental Shelf and UK sea-bed sediments.

2. Memoirs, Sheet Explanations, Sheet Descriptions
These comprise descriptive texts to accompany 1:50 000 and 1:63 360 geological maps as well as regional memoirs covering larger areas. There are also stratigraphic, palaeontological, water supply and economic geology memoirs.

3. Research and Technical Reports
Topics include regional and local geology, hydrogeological research, fluid processes, deep geology, geothermal energy, marine operations, applied geochemistry, engineering geology, central directorate series, mineral reconnaissance and assessment, land use planning, environmental geology, regional geophysics, geomagnetism, global seismology, overseas geology information and data resources, mineral briefs and laboratory and analytical results.

4. Other survey publications - a selection (includes discontinued series)
Annual Report of the British Geological Survey
Bibliography of Seismology
British Geological Survey Reports
Bulletins of the Geological Survey of Great Britain
Classical Areas of British Geology
Directory of UK Mines and Quarries
Discovering Geology Fossil Focus
Earthwise (Official magazine of the BGS)
Geomagnetic bulletins
Geophysical papers
Holiday Geology Guides/Maps
Hydrogeological reports
Lithostratigraphical Nomenclature of the UK North Sea
Mineral Assessment Reports
Mineral Dossiers
Mineral Monographs
Overseas Geology and Mineral Resources
Overseas Memoirs
UK Mineral Statistics
UK Offshore Regional Reports
UK Minerals Yearbook
World Mineral Statistics
Water Supply Papers
Well Catalogues
Well Inventory Series (Metric)
Geological Museum Guides and Handbooks

5. Photographs of the British Isles (including Channel Isles)
The Survey holds a unique collection of over 100 000 Photographs illustrating the geology of the British Isles. Many of the more recent prints, mostly in colour, may be inspected in the Information Office. A separate classified card index carries copies of selected prints arranged in order of topic.

Prints, enlargements and transparencies can be supplied to order.

6. Manuscript catalogues and indexes
Graphic indexes to 1:10 000 and smaller scale maps
Lists of BGS research and technical reports
Index to BGS field notebooks
Card and book index to BGS Library archives

7. History of the British Geological Survey
Several volumes are held on the history and activities of the Survey including the former Geological Museum from its formation in 1835 to the present.

8. Overseas maps
A complete set of detailed map registers of the Survey holdings of overseas maps is available for reference. Maps can be made available for consultation by prior arrangement.

9. Reference books and information files
These provide information on earth science organisations and activities in this country and overseas, research on specific earth science topics and current awareness.

10. MEIGA files
Copies of reports produced from projects pursued under The Mineral Exploration and Investment Grants Act, and which have subsequently been released by the Department of Trade and Industry are held for public inspection. They are accompanied by a location map, list of report titles and index of content pages.