'A core story'

Core box S30000

Gilmerton processs team

transport spreadsheets

In late October 2012, the relocation of UKCS cores from Gilmerton (Edinburgh) to the National Geoscience Data Centre Core Store, at Keyworth, was completed.

Back in February 2012, the journey of core box S30000 was recorded all the way from its shelf in Gilmerton to its new home in Keyworth.

To celebrate its completion, of what has been a long and successful undertaking, we've created two videos to thank the staff at both sites for their dedication, effort and commitment to this relocation.

All the staff involved hope this video captures the care and attention they devoted to each box throughout the process.

From its removal from the shelf at Gilmerton, through the checking, photographing, packing, transporting, checking again and depositing at Keyworth.

The video is ten minutes long yet only shows the 'core' elements of the carefully structured process.

What isn't shown is the hours the staff work; the care they exhibited all day (for the 18 months this relocation project has been underway); the intricate digital barcode systems and databases running behind the scenes; the rigorous spreadsheets that plan, schedule and triple record the movements of every single box; and all the careful management required to implement and run this industrial-scale operation.

The second video shows how commercial and academic demands were dealt with by the Gilmerton team. In the first instance, cores are retained and ready for transporting to the new purpose-built viewing laboratory at the BGS Scottish HQ in Edinburgh and in the second, cores are 'fast-tracked' (priority packed and loaded on the next lorry) down to Keyworth.

Last core box from Gilmerton arrives at Keyworth

Towards the end of October 2012 the last UKCS core box from Gilmerton arrived at Keyworth.


We hope you enjoy the videos and please contact Enquiries if you have any questions relating to the UKCS hydrocarbon cores.