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Director, Federal Department of Trignometrical and Topographical Surveys . 1960. Federal Atlas map No. 11: Soils Map of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland

Dixey, F . 1943. The morphology of the Congo-Zambesi watershed

Download available Nyambe, IA, Dixon, O . 2000. Sedimentology of the Madumabisa Mudstone Formation (Late Permian), Lower Karoo Group, mid-Zambezi Valley Basin, southern Zambia.

Drysdall, AR, Weller, RK . 1966. Karroo sedimentation in Northern Rhodesia.

Drysdall, AR, Johnson, RL, Moore, TA, Thieme, JG . 1972. Outline of the geology of Zambia.

Drysdall, AR, Smith, AG . 1960. Recumbent folding in the Lusaka Dolomite

Simpson, JG, Drysdall, AR, Lambert, HHJ . 1963. The Geology and Groundwater Resources of the Lusaka Area, Explanation of degree sheet 1528, NW quarter.

Simpson, JG, Drysdall, AR, Lambert, HHJ . 1963. The geology and groundwater resources of the Lusaka area: Explanation of degree sheet 1528, NW. quarter

Download available El-Fahem, T, Bäumle, R . 2013. Development of a Groundwater Information & Management Program for the Lusaka Groundwater Systems : final report

Download available Farr, JL, Gumiremhete, R, Davies, J, Robins, NS . 2005. Southern African Development Community Regional Situation Analysis

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