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Download available Calder, IR . 1994. Report on the workshop on the development of an Integrated Water Resources Management Plan for the Zambezi River Basin

Download available Calow, R, MacDonald, AM, Nicol, A, Robins, N, Kebede, S . 2002. The struggle for water: Drought, water security and rural livelihoods

Download available Alemaw, BF, Chaoka, TR . 2003. A continental scale water balance model: a GIS-approach for southern Africa

Download available Chapita, W, Nkhuwa, D . 1996. Hydrogeological and engineering geological problems of urban development over karstified marble in Lusaka

Chapman, D, Cowan, I, Legg, C, Topfer, K . 1972. A preliminary investigation of the Lubungu hot spring

Download available Chenov, CD . 1978. Hydrogeological map of Zambia

Download available Lapworth, DJ, Stuart, M, Kabika, J, Sorensen, J, Pedley, S, Nkhuwa, DCW, Read, D, Chibesa, M, Chirwa, M, Bell, R, Liemisa, M . 2014. Applying in-situ fluorescence and molecular screening techniques to understand contamination and contributing risk factors in shallow urban groundwaters in sub-Saharan Africa

Download available Sorensen, J, Lapworth, DJ, Pedley, S, Read, D, Chibesa, M, Chirwa, M, Bell, R, Nkhuwa, D, Liemisa, M, Stuart, M . 2014. Characterising pathogen contamination in urban groundwater in Kabwe, Zambia: a comparative study using multiple pollution indicators and contributing risk factors (Abstract)

Download available Sorensen, JPR, Chibesa, M, Pedley, S, Lapworth, DJ, Nkhuwa, DCW, Stuart, ME, Gooddy, DC, Bell, RA, Chirwa, M, Kabika, J, Liemisa, M . 2015. Emerging contaminants in urban groundwater sources in Africa

Download available Sorensen, J, Liemisa, M, Chibesa, M, Lapworth, DJ, Marchant, BP, Nkhuwa, DCW, Pedley, S, Stuart, ME, Bell, RA, Chirwa, M, Kibika, J . 2015. In-situ tryptophan-like fluorescence: A real-time indicator of faecal contamination in drinking water supplies

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