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Barclay, WJ . 2001. Service Contracts TA/ZAM/033/96 & SC/ZAM/042/99; Editing and Printing of Geological Maps and Reports: Final Report

Download available Baumle, R, Hahne, K, Museteka, L, Ussath, M . 2010. Developing of an aquifer management strategy for the rapidly expanding city of Lusaka, Zambia

Download available Nick, A, Mweene, R, Baumle, R . 2012. Groundwater resources of the Mwembeshi and Chongwe catchments, including the Lusaka Region: A manual with explanations for the use of the hydrogeological maps and the vulnerability map.

Download available Lapworth, DJ, Stuart, M, Kabika, J, Sorensen, J, Pedley, S, Nkhuwa, DCW, Read, D, Chibesa, M, Chirwa, M, Bell, R, Liemisa, M . 2014. Applying in-situ fluorescence and molecular screening techniques to understand contamination and contributing risk factors in shallow urban groundwaters in sub-Saharan Africa

Download available Sorensen, J, Lapworth, DJ, Pedley, S, Read, D, Chibesa, M, Chirwa, M, Bell, R, Nkhuwa, D, Liemisa, M, Stuart, M . 2014. Characterising pathogen contamination in urban groundwater in Kabwe, Zambia: a comparative study using multiple pollution indicators and contributing risk factors (Abstract)

Download available Sorensen, JPR, Chibesa, M, Pedley, S, Lapworth, DJ, Nkhuwa, DCW, Stuart, ME, Gooddy, DC, Bell, RA, Chirwa, M, Kabika, J, Liemisa, M . 2015. Emerging contaminants in urban groundwater sources in Africa

Download available Sorensen, J, Lapworth, D, Nkhuwa, D, Stuart, M, Bell, R, Chirwa, M, Kabika, J . 2014. Emerging organic contaminants in urban and peri-urban groundwater sources in sub-Saharan Africa: A case study from Kabwe, Zambia (Abstract)

Download available Sorensen, J, Liemisa, M, Chibesa, M, Lapworth, DJ, Marchant, BP, Nkhuwa, DCW, Pedley, S, Stuart, ME, Bell, RA, Chirwa, M, Kibika, J . 2015. In-situ tryptophan-like fluorescence: A real-time indicator of faecal contamination in drinking water supplies

Download available Binda, PL . 1994. Stratigraphy of Zambian Copperbelt orebodies

Ng’ambi, O, Boelrijk, NAIM, Priem, HNA . 1986. Geochronology of the Mkushi Gneiss complex.

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