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Olatunji, AS, Tijani, MN, Abimbola, AF, Oteri, AU . 2001. Hydrogeo-chemical Evaluation of the Water Resources of Oke-Agbe Akoko, SW Nigeria

Download available Abimbola, AF . 1997. Petrographic and paragenetic studies of the Agbaja Ironstone Formation, Nupe Basin, Nigeria

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Download available Oguntunde, PG, Abiodun, BJ, Lischeid, G . 1986. Rainfall Trends in Nigeria

Download available Adelana, SMA, Abiye, TA, Nkhuwa, DCW, Tindimugya, C, Oga, MS . 2008. Urban groundwater management and protection in Sub-Saharan Africa

Davies, TC, Solomon, AO, Lar, P, Abrahams, PW . 2008. A socio-cultural study of geophagy in the Jos Plateau, Nigeria

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