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Download available Vouillamoz, JM, Lawson, FMA, Yalo, N , Descloitres, M . 2014. The use of magnetic resonance sounding for quantifying specific yield and transmissivity in hard rock aquifers: The example of Benin.

Adjomayi, PA, Bobadji, I, Manouaba, G, Diabakte, K, Gourcy, L, Boukari, M, Kabore Komi, RA, Galbane, A, Adomako, D, Osae, SKD, Kone, S, Thiam, A, Rabe, S . 2017. Integrated and Sustainable Management of Shared Aquifer Systems and Basins of the Sahel Region LIPTAKO-GOURMA AND UPPER VOLTA SYSTEM

Boormann, H, Faß, T, Giertz, S, Junge, B, Diekkruger, B, Reichert, B, Skowronek, A . 2005. From local hydrological process analysis to regional hydrological model application in Benin: Concept, results and perspectives

Download available Direction de l’Hydraulique. . 2000. Vision Eau 2025 Bénin

Download available Kpegli, KAR, Alassane, A, Trabelsi, R, Zouari, K, Boukari, M, Mama, D, Dovonon, FL, Yoxi, YV, Toro-Espitia, LE . 2015. Geochemical processes in Kandi Basin, Benin,West Africa: A combined hydrochemistry and stable isotopes approach.

Download available Konaté, M, Guiraud, M, Alidou, S, Clermonté, J, Drouet, JJ, Lang, J . 1994. Structuration et dynamique sédimentaire du bassin paléozoïque en demi-graben de Kandi (Bénin, Niger)

Download available Lang, J, de Klasz, I, Romann, E, Salard-Cheboldaeff, M, Trichet, J, Kogbe, C, Alidou, S, Alzouma, K, Bellion, G, Dubois, D, Durand, A, Guiraud, R, Houessou, A . 1990. The Continental Terminal in West Africa.

Download available El Fahem, T . 2008. Hydrogeological conceptualisation of a tropical river catchment in a crystalline basement area and transfer into a numerical groundwater model, Case study for the Upper Oueme catchment in Benin

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