About BGS Intellectual Property (IP)

The British Geological Survey seeks to identify, protect and maximise the exploitation of its existing and developing intellectual property (IP). This will comply with our scientific remit and our parent body's (the Natural Environment Research Council) IP and data-exploitation policies, which are designed to put the environmental sciences to work. Compliance with legislation, government policies and guidance, will continue to shape the way in which we formulate our IP policies and procedures.

The balance BGS needs to strike, through timely and expeditious use of IP, is the safe retention and control of national geoscience databases and geological information against the need to make the information available to all. To do so BGS will manage its IP to the advantage of the user communities, both commercial and non-commercial, and other parties' proprietary rights. We will take active measures to protect against the unauthorised copying, use and/or employment by third parties of BGS material (in analogue or digital formats).

As a Public Sector Information Holder (PSIH), the BGS ensures that information is available for re-use by external parties, on terms and conditions which reflect the principles of the Information Fair Trader Scheme (IFTS).