Oblique view of London lithoframe model.


The impact of climate change can only be truly understood if a holistic approach to decision-making, research and modelling is adopted.

FutureThames aims to encourage and facilitate seamless working between various science teams at BGS and through collaboration with the wider environmental and scientific communities, environmental practitioners, government and industry.

This work will be underpinned by a relevant and accessible 3D framework model of the subsurface that will be fully attributed with physical properties and processes.

More specifically, FutureThames will try to:

  • understand the key environmental questions affecting the region
  • provide a forum for BGS and external collaborators to work together to address these questions
  • promote geoscience as a key component of predictive environmental modelling
  • support predictive modelling by providing relevant and accessible three-dimensional models of the geosphere
  • develop generic environmental modelling methodologies that can be applied in other situations
  • promote and encourage collaboration between BGS and external stakeholders


You can contact FutureThames for more information.