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The interactive FutureThames Map provides a wide range of topographical and geological information about the Thames basin catchment with tools that allow the user to navigate, reconfigure and expand the content to reveal further information about the catchment.

The FutureThames iMap is designed to be used by students, geography and earth science teachers, undergraduates and academic researchers, as well as anyone with an interest in the Thames basin region.

At its heart is an interactive map of the Thames basin containing multiple layers of information based on small-scale geological mapping of the region, showing some of the data products available. The map contains a variety of tools allowing the user to zoom and pan around the map, as well as display-driven legends and functionality to identify individual features within the active layers of the map.

Also included are a number of case studies that detail some of the work undertaken by BGS and its collaborators within the Thames region.

Interactive map contents

Map data sources

Map layers derived from BGS spatial data products stack
  • Basemap provided by the Google API.
  • Hill shading: shaded relief map from NEXTMap™ Britain elevation data © Intermap Technologies 2012.
  • Project area: the extents of the Thames Basin Cross-Cutting Project, based on the catchment area of the River Thames.

Map layers derived from BGS spatial data products

  • 3D geological data index: locations of existing 3D geological models within the Thames region, with links to some online examples.
  • Hydrogeology: aquifer productivity and quality, based on the 1:625 000 scale geological data of the region.
  • Engineering: engineering quality of the underlying soils and bedrock, based on 1:1 000 000 scale geological data of the region.
  • Superficial: distribution and type of superficial deposits within the Thames basin. These are typically unconsolidated sediments of the post-Quaternary age (<2Ma).
  • Bedrock: distribution and type of bedrock geology within the Thames basin. These are typically consolidated rocks of the pre-Quaternary age (>2Ma).

Further information on BGS spatial data products

BGS carries out research into many aspects of geoscience within the UK and makes this spatial data available. The layers within the interactive map are drawn from BGS Geology, Ground conditions and their derived products. Digital Data for further information.

Project contributors


FutureThames aims to promote and collaborate on environmental and geosciences research within the Thames basin. Contact the FutureThames team.


NEXTMap™ Britain elevation data © Intermap Technologies 2012.

FutureThames iMap Geology © NERC 2014. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction only with permission; contact the BGS Intellectual Property Rights section (IPR).