External collaboration

BGS stakeholders

Although FutureThames was initially devised as a way to integrate research and commercial activities within BGS, its ambition is to provide an opportunity for collaboration with a wider range of organisations either currently working in the region or with an interest in the Thames basin.

We already work closely with several external organisations within the Thames basin, such as the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) and the Environment Agency, and we hope that many more will follow.

It is clear from the initial key research questions that collaboration with a vast array of organisations will be vital to fully understand the challenges being faced and thus provide more informed decision-making.

These collaborators may include:

  • academic groups (university departments, research institutes, research councils etc)
  • national and local government organisations
  • construction industry
  • waste and water companies
  • conservation managers and campaigners
  • environmental consultancies
  • meteorologists and climate modellers
  • urban planners
  • utility providers
  • mineral and natural resource organisations
  • engineers
  • insurers and value added resellers
  • managers/developers of infrastructure (road, rail, waterways etc)

FutureThames would like to hear from any organisations interested in collaborating on research and commercial projects within the Thames basin. Contact FutureThames for more information.