Completed research

Future Thames booklet Future Thames booklet 48.6 MB pdf

The FutureThames booklet highlights some of the key challenges affecting the Thames basin and how geoscience might be able to help address them. It is a useful starting point to encourage the use of geoscience as part of an integrated solution.

Modelling the UK in 3D Modelling the UK in 3D 215 KB pdf

Economic Valuation Reports explain the impact of integrated 3D geological modelling, citing examples from the Thames Catchment.

Sediment pollutants in the Thames estuary Sediment pollutants in the Thames estuary

This study aims to map pollution in the Thames estuary and understand the processes that influence pollution distribution, links to land use and the risk to human health and ecosystems.

Watch the video on YouTube.

London Earth London Earth

The geochemical baselines team are undertaking an ambitious soil sampling survey within the entire Greater London Authority area to help identify potentially harmful elements in urban areas and to inform local councils, developers and the general public of any environmental or health risks.

Examining geological controls on Baseflow Index Examining geological controls on baseflow index (BFI) using regression analysis: an illustration from the Thames Basin, UK

This study presents a statistical model (using multiple linear regression) of the relationship between surface geology, hydrogeological units and baseflow index (BFI).

Other research

Groundwater drought in the UK Groundwater drought in the UK

Almost all droughts have surface water and groundwater components, but their relative importance can vary greatly. This study assesses the role that groundwater plays during drought conditions in the UK.

Exploded 3D volume model of part of the Thames Gateway Thames Gateway project

Focusses on making geoscience information more accessible, relevant and understandable to the wide range of users in the sustainable regeneration and development of this region.

Colour-ramped elevation grid LondonLithoFrame 50 | A new structural interpretation beneath London

The 3D geology of London and the Thames Gateway: a modern approach to geological surveying and its relevance in the urban environment.

Lowland catchment research (LOCAR) at Frilsham Meadow in the Pang valley, Berkshire Lowland catchment research (LOCAR) programme

A research programme into how water enters, is stored within, and is discharged from rivers in three groundwater-dominated catchments, including the Pang/Lambourn catchment in Berkshire, within the Thames basin.

Minerals resource mapping Minerals resource mapping

A web-based geographical information system (GIS) that provides online access to minerals-related data and information, including the Thames basin region.