UK Minerals Forum terms of reference

Aim: To provide an overarching National Minerals Forum, drawing together all key stakeholders, to debate and raise awareness of issues relating to the prudent use, sustainable management and security of supply of indigenous UK minerals.

Draft terms of reference:

  1. To develop a coordinated and effective interface on minerals issues between the industry, government and other key stakeholders.
  2. To address issues for minerals supply and inform understanding of the demand for indigenous minerals and how that might be met taking into account the principles of sustainable development.
  3. To inform understanding of the nature and distribution of UK mineral resources and the constraints on their exploitation.
  4. To debate optimum approaches to the management and mitigation of the impacts, both positive and negative, of mineral working.
  5. To debate the effects of current and proposed domestic and international legislation and policy for mineral working and supply, with particular regard to conflicts that may arise between different measures and where cumulative impacts of measures do not seem to have been taken fully into account.
  6. To disseminate approaches to resolving actual and potential conflicts, clearly identifying those issues on which consensus has been reached and stating each alternative opinion where consensus has not been reached.
  7. To identify and draw attention to key data sets and sources of information and the need to keep these up to date.

The UKMF operational structure can be downloaded in pdf format.