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Living with Minerals 4 Living with minerals 4: Shaping UK minerals Policy

A CBI Minerals Group Conference in association with the Associate Parliamentary Minerals Group

7 November, 2011 QEII Conference Centre, London SW1
The CBI Minerals Group’s Living with Minerals 4 conference heard that the UK needs a strategic policy framework for mineral. The debates covered a wide range of topics from supply to planning pressures.

CBI director-general John Cridland stated that without a secure mineral supply the current focus on infrastructure as a route to growth would not be possible. Michael Lynch-Bell, global transaction leader at Ernst & Young, discussed the prevalence of important minerals in politically unstable countries, and revealed how some nations were now stockpiling supplies. Professor David Manning of Newcastle University asked delegates to consider the importance of phosphate minerals for fertilisers and the impact on food supplies across the world should access become constrained. DCLG Minister, Bob Neill said the government is aware of the sector’s concerns and that it will take them into account in its review of the planning system. 

The conference also debated the key findings of the latest round of work by the UK Minerals forum.

The document 'UKMF Summary Report 2009-2011' summarises the reports prepared by the working groups and presented at this meeting. Click link to download in .pdf format.

The CBI Minerals Group web pages have more information on this conference including a link to the presentations

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