Forward look workshop: 18–19 January 2010


A two–day workshop was held at the Geological Society at Burlington House in London on the 18th and 19th January 2010. This was intended produce a framework document which will form the basis of an ongoing consultation exercise. The workshop itself was co-funded by NERC and GSL.

Day one involved around 100 participants (chosen from applications) in a plenary session with welcome addresses and presentations from John Ludden (BGS Executive Director), Alan Thorpe (NERC Chief Executive), Denis Peach (NERC National Capability Advisory Group, and BGS Chief Scientist) and John Rees (NERC Theme Leader, Natural Hazards). Participants were subsequently divided into subsequently breakout groups (by preference and expertise with invited leads) focusing on the six geoscience themes chosen in order to encompass all the main geoscientific disciplines and present day applications of geoscience). The day drew to a close with an open session discussion as the groups reported back.

Day two involved more limited participation (by invitation) when the overarching aims of the exercise were revisited and common themes arising from day one examined and discussed under the umbrella of four cross-cutting themes or “initiatives” by four breakout groups.


Day 1 plenary session presentations

Workshop reports