Forward look: Consultation, report now available


The whole exercise is entirely bottom up and there is no mandate for this process.

Comments are now invited on the outputs of the workshop event and proposed aims, scope and structure of the final report.

This consultation is not the final chance to have your say. The draft text of the final report will subsequently be made available via this website for further input and refinement.

The final aim, is to produce a c.20 page, illustrated document, covering the main achievements of the last decade, the overarching themes (based around the four initiatives defined during the recent workshop event), and objectives for earth science over the next decade, and the investment, training and infrastructure necessary to achieve them. More detailed appendices might also be included capturing research programme-level information.

There are primarily two main target groups for this report that the community seeks to influence: earth science funders (primarily the UK research councils) and policy makers. It is felt that the Earth Science community needs to assert itself in the rapidly changing scientific landscape of the UK.

The consultation has now closed and a synopsis of the comments is now available.

The final report is currently in preparation and a draft form will be posted on this site later this Autumn to allow further comment before its final publication. .


Dr Vicky Hards
British Geological Survey
NG12 5GG
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