Background material

Material does not need to be on topic to be helpful. (Photo:  Thames Barrier/BGS/P711018)

Material does not need to be on topic to be helpful. It is often more valuable in creating insights if the material represents an alternative or fringe perspective.

The links below are to potentially thought-provoking background material (not in anyway intended to be exhaustive or even necessarily relevant to participants thinking). Their inclusion in no way implies endorsement of the content by BGS, NERC or GSL.

Natural England

Natural England recently launched the outputs of its futures work:
"What future for the natural environment? looking to 2060"

Department for Business Innovation & Skills (now Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy)

Sigma Scan

The Horizon Scanning Centre has collected 'evidence of the future' from more than 2000 document sources and interviews with 300 leading thinkers, which has been condensed into 250 short position papers designed to challenge assumptions and spark ideas.

Royal Society Reports

UK Government Committee on Climate Change

European Commission Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan

United States National Science Foundation (NSF) Advisory Committee for Geosciences

The International Council for Science (ICSU)

Geoscience and a Smarter Economy (Ireland)

  • A new report detailing how geoscience can be oriented toward a smart economy has just been published by GSI, GSNI and the Royal Irish Academy. It describes how the geoscience sector can contribute to economic recovery and it provides a clear vision of the sector in 2020. The report is entitled Geoscience - Towards a Smarter Economy. It can be downloaded here.

Council for Science and Technology (CST): Vision for UK science

  • 1 March 2010: CST published its report examining how ensure the UK research base can maintain its high level of performance and productivity; how the outputs are maximised in terms of economic and social impacts; and how the UK will continue to maintain its global position, amongst other recommendations.

Foresight: Land use futures: making the most of land in the 21st century. Final project report

  • Report of a Foresight project that takes a broad and overarching look at the future of UK land use over the next 50 years. It aims to support Government and other policy makers in ensuring the UK's land use patterns and practices are fit for the future.